January 28, 2018

Sanctity Of Life

Sanctity of Life Sunday  2018 Big Idea: Human life is unique and bears inherent dignity. Fallen nature: Life is filled with choices. Why should one person sap up all the resources. At some point the weak have to surrender their liability to the masses. Desired...

by Aaron Sowma in Podcast
January 22, 2018

The Model For Prayer

The Model for Prayer Big idea: We should learn how to pray and to be encouraged to pray more often Fallen nature. We treat prayer like a parachute. We have it in case of emergency but hope we never have to use it. Desired result:...

by Aaron Sowma in mission and purpose
January 22, 2018

Mission And Purpose 2

Mission & Purpose. Part 2 Intro: meaning to question of what it means to be an American Trans: meaning of what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Someone who engages in heart felt and honest worship; someone who is committed to growing in...

by Aaron Sowma in mission and purpose
January 7, 2018

Mission And Purpose 1

Purpose, Values, and Mission for 2018 Big Idea: God commanded us to make disciples of all nations. That for us includes helping people become followers of Jesus, who give Him worship, grow in His word, reach out to non-believers, love one another and serve needs...

by Aaron Sowma in mission and purpose